Joel Embiid Was Hyped Up In Game 2 vs. Atlanta Hawks | Inside Trax

פורסם בתאריך 8 יונ 2021
Joel Embiid was mic'd up in Game 2 against the Atlanta Hawks.

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  • thats one comfy chair embiid is sitting on

  • Ben Simmons mic’d up: “I wonder what I should have for dinner?”

  • Why are they sitting all far?

    • why not

    • More breathing space, allowed to be without a mask

  • LFG

  • Maturing before our eyes

  • If he played the amount of games Jokic played. MVP

  • Trae Young still wont believed 😄

  • Love his energy 🔥🔥

  • even when he screams we dont even know what hes sayin

    • Isn't that when you're supposed to be most difficult to understand?

    • stfu

  • embid a clown 😂

    • Nah corny hating Celtic fans are the real clowns

    • @RiqueTC 00 frfr

    • People that call people clowns for dumb things are the real clowns.

    • Lit 🤡

    • Ahhh nah he’s lit 🔥